FREE Money Mindset and Wealth Attraction MasterClass

FREE Money Mindset and Wealth Attraction MasterClass

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Date(s) - 25/05/2020 - 27/12/2021  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Register | Book

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Unlock your ability to both make and attract money in this powerful group coaching session.

The Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ is a powerful belief shifting technique that can help you, not only overcome your blocks to making money, but also attract money, success, and financial freedom to you. It focusses on destroying unconscious limiting beliefs locked in you that create the money and success issues you are dealing with.

About this Event

Join Reality Shifting Specialist and international speaker, Shiraz, for a powerful experience as he uses his Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ to help you align to money and manifest it like magic. Watch the effect on others or volunteer to have your own mindset shifted. Shiraz may seem like a life coach at first, but what he does goes beyond life coaching. He works much less on what you do, and more on who you are, because who you are attracts the results you’re looking for. If you find this Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ powerful then you can find out about Shiraz’s limiting belief shifting classes or sign up for his Monthly Magic Manifestation Program™

The Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ simplifies belief shifting so that changes can occur in your money and success reality in as little as a few minutes. Because it works on limiting beliefs, the Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ can affect any area of your life that needs shifting: money, career, relationship, finances, spirituality, and even health. Shiraz works directly with your unconscious mind to access limitations your don’t even know are there and then shift your reality. If you need to get unstuck from a money issue, get out of debt, even create more career and business opportunities, the Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ can help and the Monthly Magic Manifestation Program™ can anchor in and amplify your changes.

I highly recommend experiencing this FREE Money Mindset and Wealth Attraction MasterClass because it can powerfully remove your personal limiting beliefs on money and success as well as get you out of parental, cultural, and societal limiting beliefs around money and success that are keeping you from a living debt free life of financial abundance and increasing success.

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Rich people are greedy.”

“People should only have enough to have their needs met.”

“You have to work hard to make money.”

“The higher the climb, the greater the fall.”

All these phrases, and many others, install a lack and struggle mindset in you.

The truth is, opportunities to attract money and create wealth surround you, but you’ve been raised to to think in limiting ways about money, success, and opportunity, such as what could go wrong instead of what could go right. The Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ offers a simple but effective method for you to intentionally shift your money reality so that money and success show up easier and quicker. Most people create their lives unconsciously, instead of consciously, which is why they aren’t seeing the wealth and success in their lives they are asking for. The Manifest Magic Mindset Process™ is based on the philosophy that the unconscious limiting beliefs in you can be easily accessed and removed through simple intention. The information needed to find those limiting beliefs.

Don’t take my word for it. People who have attended this class have had powerful shifts in their money reality, and seen changes in their income, savings, opportunities, and successes within days of the event. The lessons taught in this class will help you avoid taking on new limiting beliefs on money and success, and give you tools to create a life of wealth, success, and happiness.

You can also access previous sessions on YouTube.

This is a live video chat (via Zoom). Bring your questions, issues, and concerns and we’ll tackle as many as we can in an hour. You can participate or just listen in. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of the belief shifting and its impact on your ability to make and attract money.

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About Energetic Magic:

Energetic Magic was created in 2014. The business is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with all services available online to everyone as well as most classes.

The catalyst for its creation occurred when Shiraz cured himself of arthritis overnight through belief shifting. Shiraz soon found that this technique could be used, not only for physical energy healing, but financial, spiritual, emotional healing and more.

“Beliefs first, reality second.”