Living, Working and Networking in Melbourne

Living, Working and Networking in Melbourne

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Date(s) - 09/08/2017 - 10/11/2021  6:00 pm - 1:30 pm Register | Book

Event Information

If you are new to Melbourne (within the last three years), then you will learn how to live, work and network in Melbourne, LinkedIn tips too

Living, Working and Networking in Melbourne

You may have been living in Melbourne for a week, a month, a year or even a decade.

But have you made the most of your new life in your new location?Have you found new friends? Have you got the job you want or the job for now? Do you know what networks you can join? How do you find great places to go to and fabulous people to come with you?Join us at this event where you will learn

• Seven Best Settlement Strategies – that you can apply with your personal style • Culture Shock – what is it and how to recognise the symptoms • Australian culture – understanding the basics • Job hunting – ways to find the work you want (despite your international background) • Information sources – the most reliable options • Finding the networks you need

Suitable for

• expatriates and repatriates (people returning to Australia)

• international migrants and domestic relocatees

• locals who would like to meet people from intrastate, interstate and overseas

• people from any background, culture, faith, gender etc

Venue Details

The Lanai Bar is on Level 1 at 113 Queen Street (near corner of Little Collins Street, West side). Go up the steps through the sliding doors and up to the first level). Look for the group with the Newcomers Network pull up banner sign or ask at the bar to be led to the group.

Special thanks to the Lanai Bar for hosting us free of charge – please like them on Facebook!

Format for the event

12:00pm – Arrival and purchase your own refreshment (non-alcoholic available), name tags provided by host (first name only)

12:15pm – Introductions and discussion as above (one person talking at a time)

1:15pm – Networking and mixing with others

1:30pm – Official wrap up but you are welcome to stay

More Information

Online at Newcomers Network or email melbourne [at] or phone Sue Ellson +61 402 243 271

People also register for this event via the Newcomers Network Melbourne Facebook Group and the Newcomers Network Melbourne Meetup Group.

How to say ‘thank you’

If you find the event helpful, please say ‘thank you’ afterwards by posting an informative Review on Google, Newcomers NetworkFacebookMeetup or and tell other people who are new to Melbourne to join us on the Second Wednesday of any month in the future.

Newcomers Network has hosted over 200 events in Melbourne since 2001

We look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne, helping you meet new people and letting you know how to live, work and network in one of the world’s most liveable cities!