Ideally, you should do a basic registration and then login with your registered id. Select create/edit event from the drop-down on Create event in the menu bar. You will go to this link

Select Add New from the Create events page and start. Your event will not be published immediately but come to us for approval. On approval, it gets published under your registered id (See screenshot)

Free Event Creation

1. Instant Unverified Publishing. Organisers can create an event here with their email and it will get published immediately with an unverified organiser disclaimer. Published events will be deleted if they abuse the anonymity privilege to solicit payments on their phone, numbers, emails, social accounts and websites.

Registered event creators are treated as verified organisers. We suggest you create an event as a registered user. Registered user events come to us for moderation. We value add to make it more presentable and saleable, so it’s useful for you to wait a bit till approval. It also gets our full customer and marketing support too.

2..Only, free events without ticketing or registration are published free,unless you are capturing response with token registration as per para 4 below. We discourage redirect URLs and phone numbers and may not approve such events. To be verified, you need to register as a user. This will also give you a dashboard to manage all your events. You will also need to do a short write up with Rectangular Display Picture of your organisation with Phone (optional) and address. You can email this to [email protected]  with the email id you used for registration and we will update these details to your event page as and when approved. If using a different email id, post the registered id to be used.

3. All paid events, have to do update GSTIN and Bank Account Details to remit collections.  GST on sales is 18%, please load it in your final billing price. We will remit the full collection net our commission plus 18% GST

You can email details to [email protected]

4. Token Registration Rs 2/- to Rs 5 is allowed for free publication. This will allow you to get booking and registration validated by the payment services on our portal. In the event creator, price tickets within this range with an appropriate description. In the event, the creator clicks edit under Standard ticket to change labels, description etc. See screenshot below. Also, ensure have checked to enable registration for the event . This will give you the ticketing dropdown.

Free Event Creation