Meet the Runners series for Tarblazer 42.2 BKC June 23, 2019

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Name Shailesh Kumar

Age 21/02/1995

Profession Indian Navy

Personal history I’m from Bihar born in a simple family. My education completed in Bihar only. I’m graduated from history honour. I’m a fitness and fashion model,  Skating, cycling & swimming are my hobbies. Trekking and hiking I love to do. Running an ultra marathon (+100k) is something which never makes me disappointed and this is on the top of my passion.

When and why I’m running from my teenage because I love to do this. When I worked up, my Mommy use to say “Beta abhi kaha running karne ja Raha hai so ja Aram se”. Slowly my interest grows up and I started running Cross country. First time I ran a half marathon in Kochi in 2015. I was really very happy to cross the finish line and that happiness I have never got before entire my life so I decided running Marathons. The rack was started filling with medals. The year 2018 I decided to join Run the Rann 101k after only one full marathon experience. “Don’t stop when you are tired stop when you are done”, it’s always motivated me and running Ultras really checks your physical and mental stress, courage, willing power and team spirit. I finished my race with 2nd runner up. My team was happy even more than me. I had a great experience and lots of knowledge from my 1st ultra trail marathon. I did some Ultras La ultra 111k in Leh Ladakh, 110k in malnad, 75k Deccan ultra by Hell series, BNP 50k and Matheran 60k. I run because I want to check my endurance. It makes me feel great even I can control my anger and make me more active.

Train with whom As I’m a solo runner without any group so I train myself alone with different ideas. I mostly for a long run every weekend and rest days I use to go for gym for muscle building and strength training. Man in white uniform Lt cdr Sudipto Roy Choudhary sir who is my running buddy in Ultras.

Running stories After running malnad ultra 110k continuously 16hr 35 min I decided to go for my home because I don’t wanna kill my holiday. I caught the train just after my race finished and my ticket was not confirmed because I was travelling one day earlier according to my journey plan. That was the worst travel in my life. I requested all TTIs to give me one seat but all denied. I almost travelled the whole distance standing with lots of pain. I was like “Kaisa decision le liya maine”. After reaching home I scolded by all the family that why did you come with lots of problems even you had a confirm ticket one day later but my Mommy was happy to see me and saying ye Kya kr liya pairo ka kahi gir gya tha Kya😊. She doesn’t know which kind of races  I run otherwise she will never allow me to got for any Ultras. Moms are moms.

Message Tarblezer is a very well organized event. I have experience of last year of half marathon. Good hydration points, volunteers and cheerers as well make this even tremendous. All finisher will get a superb medal. All the runners will enjoy the route with different bus timing pacers. First-time Tarblezer is organising a full marathon in BKC so come and join my bus 0430 hrs and just enjoy the full route. I’ll make sure to finish this full marathon with your personal best. Good luck!

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