Meet the pacers series for Tarblazer 42.2 BKC June 23, 2019

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Hello, everyone, I am Siddharth Mehra,

I started running a year back, I started my journey by registering for SBI green marathon for 10k in Feb 2018 and since then there is no looking back. I have completed  9 half marathon and 8 10k events. My PB for half marathon at 02:09 min. and for 10k event in 51min.

Running has become an integral part of my life. My immediate goal is to improve the running form, learn more about running and run interesting events at new places while constantly working on the pace.

Running has boosted my confidence. It is a great way to test my personal limits and finding a way to challenge myself.  I love running, running is helping me to manage the day to day stress life. to fight them, and to manage stressful situation. I like to explore new routes, and  making new and more runner friends

(running to not to train your body but they train your mind. ) don’t allow your mind to make you quit.

Every day I tie my shoelaces, and I promise myself to complete the distance more and more, how much my  2 feet can fly. My training is rigorous to improve my PB timing (reducing time limit).

I am a graduate person in professional  accounting and finance.

My hobby which I am really like to do write lyrics, singing, listening to new music, yoga, workout exercise daily,  and so on. and the most which I really to do in my life to climb Mount Everest.

Recently I have taken up pacing and started enjoying a bit of it. I just plan for all people who will be joining my bus and make sure they all complete the marathon successfully.

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