Meet the Runners series for Tarblazer 42.2 BKC June 23, 2019

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Lata Guloo Alimchandani (  Neeru Bajaj) 

1958 born



I started running just because my friends said, come and run with us… I just ran 7k with them and then one of my friends said that I ran well and will go a long way … I heard this and got motivated … with such nice words about me, i immediately ran the 10k pinkathon.. after that.. I straight ran a 25k practice run with them and got into the standard chartered marathon through charity. 

I believe in today and not Tomorrow so I did the SC marathon and did very well….my group friends motivated me a lot and immediately I did the Thane Hiranandai and came 4th…

After that in Ilfs I did get a podium position…. I felt out of this world .. also I got a lot of respect.. from here my journey started … I started to do serious running and did many events… this is my 5th year now…

and now running is my life ..Before i had started to run, I was running a boutique and was doing very well … and had made my name in the dress designing world, but i gave it all up and started running, which now has become my passion.

Even master tack runs I do, and got many gold medals in them; I also did the World masters track marathon (in Malaga, Spain).  

I have done the 6 world major marathons

London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Boston ( for which I had qualified), I did them all… in 3 years…
Amsterdam was my first full marathon and I had a tough experience, running in the cold/ rain and lousy weather.. it did teach me a great deal.I have already done 70 to 80 marathons and podium in most of them 

Trablazer is my FAVORITE event and i am not bothered for the rain et all..  

They provide ample water stations, good breakfast, and take personal care during the event. They really do a very good job in the whole organisation for the run.

I started to run in tarblazer from the beginning and have been a winner in all 3 tarblazer events.. I hope to keep running in Tarblazer as long as I can. I like Mr. Shashi as he also praises and respects ladies a lot.  

I want to send out a message to all Runners to come at least once to the Tarblazer run and see for yourself how well it is organised and then you will understand how a run should be organised

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