Hear it from the man himself Shashidhar Shankar – CEO Sportman.in that conducts a number of Marathon events in Mumbai. Love to hear your thoughts in comments and of course to register  follow the link below

Register here | Learn more | Tarblazer 42.2

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx7C5-2i50s” align=”center” promote_link=”yes” thumbnail=”43552″ title=”Tarblazer 42.2 2019 in BKC June 23 with 21 and 10K distances IAAF and AIMS recognised” description=”The only IAAF and AIMS Marathon in Mumbai for 2019. Timings valid in all International Marathons. Register Today” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”900″ aspect_ratio=”16:9″ loop=”yes” /]